Brand Image & Reputation

Knowing how your brand is perceived by your consumers.

It is important to understand the way your brand is perceived in order to assess whether it matches what you want to convey and whether it is aligned with your long-term and short-term strategies. Consumers’ perception allow you to determine if you are delivering on your brand promise and strengthen your brand positioning.

NeedScope is a unique brand planning system designed by Kantar to unlock the layers of brand image to help you build irresistible brands that drive strategic and competitive advantage. The NeedScope tools and models help you get to the consumers’ truth, to understand the emotive needs driving choice. With this tool, we can define the communication approach best suited to your target(s).

Kantar’s Brand Tracker is a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual tracker based on market research studies. The objectives are to measure brand performance, brand awareness and that of the competition. It also identifies and measure image attributes and the brand’s visibility on the market.

Kantar’s Ads Intelligence is a creative analysis of the advertising campaigns of brands in your industry. By analysing campaigns present in traditional media, we are able to find your brand positioning and that of your competitors. Based on these insights, we recommend a strategy that your brand could adopt.

Ad Impact measures the key brand awareness indicators, and analyses the difference between those who saw an advertising and those who did not, to determine the effects of advertising exposure. It enables clients to review their media strategy and understand how media response varies by audiences, creative formats and media placements.

Kantar’s Share of Voice is a continuous monitoring of advertising expenses on television, radio, press and billboards. Our findings are then made available on an online report. This allows you to know where and how much your competitors are investing in their advertising campaigns.