Business Resilience in Mauritius What have we learned?

Most of the country’s economic activities came to a halt when government enforced a national lockdown to hinder the rapid spread of Covid-19 in Mauritius. How are companies coping with the lockdown?

6 April 2020

180 CEO’s, General Managers and entrepreneurs have participated in our Business Resilience survey with the objective to paint a picture of the current situation in Mauritius.

Companies are currently struggling and are foreseeing bad days ahead. They are concerned about maintaining their cash flow to afford salaries and key operational expenses such as cost of sales. Pessimism has increased. As such, adequate support and reactivity of the public services are necessary to help these companies maintain their cash flow and their operations.

The measures taken by the Government are appreciated, but are not deemed sufficient enough to stop economic slowdown. An urgent recovery plan and a think tank, regrouping the private and public sectors, have to be implemented.

What will be the impact on their workforce in the next 6 months?

Nearly 40% think they will downsize their workforce in the short term and only 18% at this stage, believe that they will not downsize or review their workforce.

  • Major negative impact in decrease in turnover, investment and recruitment.
  • Financial measures taken by the Government are mostly appreciated.
  • 71% of respondents think that the collaboration between public and private sectors should be improved.