Employee Experience

Create memorable employee experiences that deliver your employer’s value proposition and build customer relationships.

The job market is volatile, populations are aging, there is a labour shortage and a scarcity of talents. Retaining employees has also become harder because businesses are faced with a high willingness to change jobs more often, and with high expectations related to “what’s in for me” which does not only mean salary, but also working environment, learning and development opportunities as well as expectations to climb up the career ladder fast.

Although employees and employee engagement have always been a focus area for companies and HR, it needs a redefined focus on people management to respond to the challenges mentioned.

Identify your strengths and improvement areas with our complete employee framework. Monitor organisational performance and employee empowerment.

TRI*M High Performance Organisation (HiPO) helps you :

  • Know how engaged your employees are, and how to improve engagement
  • Ensure your employees are aligned with your strategy and goals
  • Understand leadership and organisational strengths and weaknesses
  • Identify where you should prioritise effort and investment.

Kantar will help to understand experiences throughout the employee journey, from day one to exit and at regular intervals in between. This continuous listening of your team members will enable you to build loyalty and ambassadorship towards your organisation.

Based on research results and analysis, we will help you drive action and change. We organise internal workshops to enable the team leaders how to inspire and drive the change and empower their team members. We show how to grow employees’ engagement and where you need to improve to excel at customer service.