Strategic Planning workshop:
a tailored-made approach  based  on co-development 

Unlock your organization’s full potential with our data driven strategic planning workshops, designed to inspire actionable insights and drive sustainable growth

Our approach and methodology for the Strategic Planning workshop is based on data analysis, trends watching and anticipation.

  • Regional and International Market Intelligence 

    Our team of researchers is continuously analysing the evolution in values, behaviours, and attitudes in Indian Ocean as well as in 70 key markets: Future Life, GenZ, AfricaLife, Shoppers Studies, Audience, Media Reactions, Retail Focus, Sustainability Study,, Consumer Confidence Surveys, BrandZ, RepZ, etc

  • Unique and Innovating  Methodologies

    Developed by Kantar for the most innovating organisations in the world we used them for the regional organisations:  Brand Equity®, Needscope Strategic Design ®, Brand Purpose, Sustainability Index ®

  • Recognised tools

    MyVoice, online panels in Mauritius and Reunion islands to test the innovative concepts

    Marketplace a market research platform designed for marketing agility and boosted by AI

  • Research and Analysis Experts

    with extensive experience in the region and worldwide, to support your team in their strategic thinking process



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