Customer Experience (CX)

Develop a winning customer strategy, monitor real-time customer feedback, and create a truly customer-centric culture.

Happy customers are essential for business growth, and every experience has the potential to make or break a relationship, which is why you always need to know how your customers are feeling.

Strong customer relationships drive growth and customers spend more when relationships are strong. Yet few brands have a strong relationship with their customers.

Successful companies know what is important to customers and deliver consistently in the moments that matter. We help you build lasting relationships by becoming truly customer-centric.

The customer journey has become multi-channel. This study allows the identification of the touchpoints in this journey and moments of truth on which your efforts need to be focused to enchant or re-enchant customers. Kantar helps you deliver the optimal customer experience based on the understanding that investment decisions must take positive and negative implications into account.

The customer’s satisfaction study provides brands with insights into the satisfaction levels of their occasional as well as potential clients. This will allow the identification of clients’ expectations by evaluating their experience with regards to your products and services. Moreover, this will show how strong relationships need to be in order to create true advocates.

Mystery audits give brands the ability to gauge the control of their operations, the respect of quality standards as well as the weaknesses of their service. Depending on the brands’ preference, the mystery audits can be visits, phone calls and mailings.

We collect clients’ feedback after each of their transaction at brands’ point of sales or online, with our C-VOX platform. This gives brands the opportunity to react quickly and correct operational problems. The results can be viewed on an interactive dashboard where you can limit the access to different levels of management.

Data mining allows brands to better understand and segment their clientele so as to develop new offers and to better prepare CRM tools. Through algorithms, we analyse available data and regroup them into relevant variables (as per clients’ needs).