Retail & Shopper

We analyse the performance of your brand(s) vs the performance of your competitors, with regards to the buying behaviour of consumers. We also study trends in the shopping habits of Mauritians. Our data will thus help you plan successful retail strategies to maximise sales, and to stay relevant towards current and potential consumers.

Our team gathers data not only on your brand’s pricing, stock levels and sales volume across retail outlets such as stores and supermarkets, but also on that of your competitors. Our analysis helps you determine what is working, and which strategy to adopt next.

This Shopper Study analyses the performance of supermarkets and hypermarkets across the country by assessing the in-store and near-store behaviour of consumers towards them. This allows supermarkets and hypermarkets to determine their levels of popularity with consumers.

This report, revolving around the experience of the consumer and path to purchase, is targeted at the performance of malls in Mauritius. It helps to assess which mall is the most preferred, and why. This allows malls to better define strategies in order to retain current customers and to target new ones.

Category management is essential in making your products stand out on shelves across retail outlets. Our team tailor-makes planograms, specifically for your brand, to suggest an optimum display for your products. This exercise ultimately helps you maximise sales and better cater to your consumers’ needs.

Kantar’s Market Monitor allows you to measure the performance of your brand and your competitors, and to determine your target audience. It helps you assess your market penetration, and gauge whether your strategies have had an impact on consumers.

New platform for brands and retailers!

Developed by IDS, the digital lab of Kantar, the Price Promotion Monitor (PPM) is an online platform that analyses sales and promotions of your product category across all Mauritian supermarkets and hypermarkets.

Simple, effective, and affordable! PPM, your no. 1 tool to boost your sales and improve your market share!

PPM’s unique features

  • Monitor active sales and promotions per product category
  • Compare sales and promotions on the market
  • Across points of sale, per product category and sub-category
  • Crosscheck and keep track of your inserts in supermarkets or hypermarkets’ brochures
  • Bonus: cross analysis per product category and brand, so you can adapt and improve your strategies