Shopper Studies
Supermarkets, Malls, e-Commerce

3 different Shopper studies are immediately available with several updates per year

Shopper research helps you understand what shoppers think and what they do prestore and instore, so you can tailor activities and programs to suit various shopper types on differing shopping trips for different things and occasions.

Shopper behaviours and motivations differ from one category to another.  To understand these specific behaviours, you will need to conduct tailored-made research.

However, some insights and information can be shared: places of shopping, perception of retail brands, the profile of clientele, shopping missions, etc..These are the key objectives of our 3 Shopper reports.

What is included in the Shopper Studies  –Turnkey Reports

  • Brand Equity including awareness, positioning, brand foot print and image analysis (for retail brands and malls)

  • Customer Experience KPI: NPS, Customer Satisfaction Level and Engagement for key retail brands and malls.

  • A benchmarking is included.

  • Evolution of visits in the various retail outlets (supermarkets, malls, e-commerce websites)


Can you afford to lose weeks waiting for results for decision making?

Kantar has anticipated your needs and has produced turnkey reports for several markets and product categories.

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